During the chat that I had with Katy and Laura last month (seriously, if you haven’t given it a listen yet, you are missing out on some serious wisdom!), we discussed the idea of acceptance as an effective way to prevent anxiety symptoms from increasing.

Most of us experience a rise in our symptoms when we are trying to manage things that are not within our sphere of control. Taking a moment or two (or 10, or 30) to consider those things that we can control versus what is beyond us goes a long way in soothing anxiety symptoms.

There is something very important that you can control, and that is YOU. You can control your reaction to all of the things that are outside your influence. Part of controlling that reaction is by acknowledging/accepting all of the feelings that you are experiencing when you are confronted by one of the several things that are outside of your circle. Get to the end of the story you have created by the situation you are facing. You can only get to the other side of your feelings by…say it with us…accepting them and getting to the bottom of why they have appeared.

It’s that simple, and that infuriating, but also that true.

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