I’ve been where you are.  I’ve failed a test even though I was adequately prepared. I’ve shied away from social activities because I felt nervous or afraid.  My mind has gone completely blank, my heart has pounded and flipped flopped, and my saliva glands decided not to work before and during a presentation.  And like many of you, I’ve had full blown panic attacks that “came out of the blue”

So, I, like millions of other otherwise healthy Americans, have not only experienced stress and anxiety, but have been overwhelmed and at times debilitated by them.  I want to connect with those of you who know what I’m talking about and share what I have learned, tried, discovered, and implemented into my personal and professional life.  I want to pay my knowledge and my success forward.  Because you see, it wasn’t until I began to think about my stress and anxiety differently that I could truly make them work for me instead of against me all day, every day.

Why would I keep such wonderful news to myself?  I wouldn’t, because I want you to experience the same sense of empowerment!  That’s the main reason why I co-founded Anxiety Resource Center.  I truly want you to embrace and have success with all that our team of experts are about to share with you so that you, too, can learn and understand how to ReThink your stress and anxiety and do them differently.  And, when you do, I want you to share your success with others too!  #rethinkanxiety #justtellmewhattodo #teamofexperts #justlikeyou

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