Leave it to actor, ambassador, and humanitarian, Sidney Poitier – the personification of quiet dignity – to make a statement that can also be used as a sort of ‘checklist for mindfulness.’

Being mindful, or conscious, does have the potential to improve all facets of your life.

It allows you to show up and be present for the moments that matter. It’s a free, portable, and easy way to bring yourself out of chaos and into your life.

Here’s the best thing about mindfulness, the more consistent you are in the practice of it, the more it becomes a part of your day-to-day without you even realizing it. You become unconsciously conscious!

You’ll find it easier to center yourself when the world wants to send you off spinning.

You’ll figure out what you personally need to focus on when the distractions get to be too much.

You will be more honest with yourself when you are feeling frazzled and you will be willing to take a few minutes to regain your sense of self instead of just trying to ‘push through it,’ which tends to make it worse.

You’ll listen more and interrupt less.

You will notice the little things with more clarity than you did when you were going through your day like a whirling dervish.

Intentionally practicing mindfulness may start out as feeling like one more thing you have to put on your plate, but it will enrich your life in ways you won’t believe.

Aaand, you don’t have to take a course or pay a king’s ransom to some guru. There are easy ways to be mindful. The first step…take a deep breath.

…and another.

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