It’s time to talk about exercise! I know, who wants to talk about that? Not me!

The fact of the matter is that exercise is one of the best ways to boost your mood, and these days we need all of the mood-boosting we can get.

At ARC, we get that it’s a struggle. This year has put us through the emotional wringer. Our stress and anxiety levels have been running in the red for months. To make matters worse, it’s winter, which is so dark and so cold. Who can muster up the energy to move?

Also, your gym or studio may be shut down due to COVID. Or you have to wear a mask while you work out, and that just sounds like torture, so you’ve decided to forgo working out altogether.

Despite everything that is going on in our world, there has never been a better time to work exercise into your daily routine. (I know, I was cringing as I typed, but it’s true!)

You can start by simply taking a walk. It’s a great break from being in your house all day. If you’ve binged all of the shows possible, put on your tennis shoes and take a quick jaunt around the block. It’s an instant mood booster.

Due to COVID, there are countless classes being offered online, some for free or at a deep discount, and apps like Peleton offer a 30-day trial period. You can try everything from HIIT cardio to yoga and Zumba, and you can do it in the privacy of your own home without worrying about how you look doing it.

Whether you are a fitness buff who lost their home gym due to a shutdown, or someone who is begrudgingly starting to exercise because you’ve been told repeatedly how much better you’ll feel if you JUST DO IT, you can easily find a program that fits your fitness level.

Just give yourself a manageable goal. Tell yourself that this is about feeling better, not about pounds on the scale. Katy and Laura also recommend whenever you are trying to implement a new behavior into your life, to give it a goal of one week. Try to fit exercise into your day for a week, even if it’s only 10-15 minutes a day.

Get up and get moving and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

Here are some yoga poses to get you started. My favorites are the cat/cow, and of course, child’s pose. What would you like to try but were always reluctant to get started? There is no better time to try it than right now. What else do you have to do?

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