There are some great partnerships throughout history.

The Wright brothers, Sonny and Cher, Ben and Jerry, Lucy and Ethel, Holmes and Watson…

I’d like to submit for consideration, Fielder and Huser.

Last week, Katy, Laura, and I gave a presentation to the ASU Law Trial Advocacy Student Group at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. It was our first talk in over a year and our first Zoom presentation ever, so we were the classic mix of excited/slightly stressed. 

The docs jumped at the opportunity to spend an hour talking to these high-achieving young people about the easy-to-learn, easy-to-use method they created to help people rethink their anxiety. It’s called Know Your ARC®.

After spending years working with medical and nursing students in the Valley utilizing this system, they knew that they could help this group of students reexamine the way they see their anxiety.

I think that at this point we can all agree that while Zoom is great for a lot of things, giving presentations is not one of them. There is a lot that does not translate from speaker to audience and back again through a screen. Body language is lost, reading the room (in this case, nearly two dozen tiny squares) is impossible. If you are a person who thrives on human interaction, Zoom is not the medium for you.

Who hasn’t muted themselves? Who??!!!

“You” in this case, is us. 

“You have to see them live” is what we say about a musician, band, or even stand-up comedian. The same could be said for Katy and Laura. Watching them play off of each other is truly a sight to behold. You can feel a palpable shift in the room when they open by stating that anxiety is not the enemy, it’s the thing that keeps us alive. They’ve given a variation of this lecture to literally thousands of people, but they never go through the motions. They are still as passionate about the work that they’ve done as they were on day one, you can feel their excitement as they talk about it, or as they like to say, give others a glimpse into their life’s work.

A presentation by Drs. Fielder and Huser is ALWAYS interactive

Despite the limitations of an online talk, they killed it. It didn’t take long for them to get into their rhythm, and despite not even being in the same room, they were able to feed off of each other as if they were standing side by side. 

They truly are two women on a mission. 

Teamwork really does make the dream work

I fell in love with their mission, and with the docs themselves, before I even joined the team at ARC. I was a participant in a women’s retreat, where they were the featured guests. The retreat was hosted by the church where I was the office manager, and upon arrival, I was cranky. Not only had I gotten up early on my only full day off, but I was also expected to interact with other human beings! As with the way of church life, I was approached by multiple participants to ‘talk shop’ before I even had a chance to down my first cup of coffee. To say that I was ready for a talk about stress and anxiety was the understatement of the year!

Who’s ready to learn some healthier coping skills?

I sat in the audience, enthralled, not just at the subject matter, but at the speakers themselves. At the risk of sounding too on the nose, Katy and Laura had their lecture down to a science. There was no dead air, no “ums.” They didn’t cut each other off or stumble over words. They were proving why they are experts in anxiety. The part that got me and kept me engaged throughout was their authenticity. They were knowledgeable and likable. Charismatic even, but they were not ‘slick’. 

They were riveting from start to finish, and believe me when you can keep my attention for an entire workshop, you’ve done the impossible. You could tell that they not only loved talking to people about anxiety symptoms and learning how to work with them, but they were also passionate to teach Know Your ARC ® to as many people as possible. 

A couple of years later when I joined the ARC team, I continued to marvel at their interactions with one another. When I first started, I likened talking with them to turning the rope in double-dutch and watching them as they jumped in tandem. Nearly every conversation that we’ve had as a group leads to them riffing off of each other, turning an original thought presented by one into this wholly different, collaborative, expanded idea.  

It can be intimidating at first. When you are in a room with two people who are as in tune with each other as Katy and Laura are, you cannot help but feel like an intruder in a private conversation. Luckily for me, they wouldn’t let me turn the rope for long. They encouraged my input and opinion and were determined to help me learn the ways of Know Your ARC ®. 

To this day, I sometimes find myself simply staring, wide-eyed, and speechless, while they talk about a subject that has sparked their interest. It’s really like nothing I have ever experienced in my professional life. When you’ve spent the majority of your time in situations where people talk over each other and “yeah but…” one another to death, it’s surreal to be with two professionals who let each other finish a thought.

It never stops feeling like I’m watching something special, almost magical. 

Actual footage of me watching the docs prep

They are two sides of the same coin, which is why their partnership continues to flourish two-plus decades later. They recognize their weaknesses while acknowledging one another’s strengths. Everything that they do is seen through the scope of a partnership. Share and share-alike. It’s second nature to them at this point.

I can only imagine what it was like in the early days of developing their Know Your ARC® system. Here are these two professional psychologists, confronting an issue that literally millions of people struggle with and turning it on its head.  The ‘eureka’ moments were probably amazing!

Hugging is good for your mental health!

At this point, I have gone over their 3-step process about 300 times, give or take, and every time I do, I pick up something new. Their system is science-based, but it’s not stuffy or overly academic. Both docs love all things brain and nervous system-based and are gifted at putting everything in easy-to-understand terms, without dumbing it down. Their system is a reflection of how they are with their clients every day. Their passion and their drive come from knowing that what they are teaching works.  

Know Your ARC® is their baby and once you get to know Katy and Laura, you can see each’s DNA in the system. They offer sound, real-world advice, and easy-to-use interventions, and they don’t shy away from telling their own stories when it comes to coping with the symptoms of anxiety and stress. It’s that personalization that makes the system what it is. While we can all relate to stress, anxiety is not one size fits all. Know Your ARC® works for everyone because of its real-world application.  There is no target audience for what they do because that would undermine their goal of ‘changing the way the world thinks about anxiety.

I can endorse Katy and Laura wholeheartedly, and not because I work with them, but because I know that Know Your Arc® WORKS! I have personally benefitted from their system and credit it with keeping me healthy and relatively sane throughout the dumpster fire of 2020. I struggled as everyone did, but I was equipped with tools to help me get through my challenges that much easier.  

I can chart the progress of the doctors’ work from my desk. We’ve had clients come in for their first session cagey and agitated and leave looking like the weight of the world was coming off of their shoulders. I’ve witnessed stressed-out college students flourish and now, in the time of COVID, I’ve seen clients who were afraid to leave their house, taking the first steps in reclaiming their life. It’s been nothing short of, I’ll use the word again, magical. 

There is so much more that I could say about Katy, Laura, and Know Your ARC®, but honestly, you have to experience it firsthand. We all need simple and effective ways to navigate our stress and anxiety symptoms and these psychologists, these experts on anxiety, have the answer. 

They prep for every presentation like it’s their first.

Life is hard enough, finding a way to get through it doesn’t need to be.

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