Anxiety is the brain’s natural response to a threat. It’s our perfect alarm system, but even the best mechanisms can get hinky from time to time. Especially when threats are being thrown your way on a never-ending 24-hour loop.

In our talk a couple of weeks ago (Seriously, if you haven’t listened, give yourself 25 minutes and check it out!) Drs. Fielder and Huser talked about the stories that we tell ourselves which ramp up our anxiety, almost all of which are not true!

While you cannot just make yourself STOP FEELING ANXIOUS, you can question the veracity of the stories you are telling yourself by examining what is happening in the here and now. Odds are good that the stories that you are telling yourself are ones in which you are trying to predict the future, which is impossible!

Another way to “stop the stories” is to repeat a mantra, such as “I am safe.” This is a great idea, especially now when the worries of the world are swirling around you. “I am safe. My partner is safe. My kids are safe. My parents are safe.” Bring yourself into the here and now instead of what could happen.

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