Personal Consulting

Are you ready to move from where you are to where you want to be? ARC’s consulting program is designed to help you get there. Founding doctors Katy Fielder and Laura Huser bring the expertise and experience that comes with 20 years of practicing psychology. You get to have two docs within arms reach!

Drs. Fielder and Huser provide you with highly personalized coaching that’s geared to your life and your schedule. While your plan may include additional activities, the following items are included for all Personal Consulting clients:

  • A 2-hour comprehensive interview to assess your needs and set goals
  • Administration, scoring, and interpretation of psychological assessments
  • A personalized action plan based on the comprehensive interview and assessment results
  • Unlimited workshops free of charge
  • Between sessions activities
  • Email and text access to your Personal Consultant
  • Guaranteed availability for one in-person session per week
  • Educational Information about stress and anxiety
  • Skills Training based on the ARC approach for working with stress and anxiety
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