We may have never been in the place where we are now. But we have all faced challenges.

We have known feelings of helplessness and frustration.

Think of the last big struggle that you’ve faced. Think of the stories you told yourself that prolonged your suffering.

Remember the thoughts you cultivated to help guide you through. Then too, you thought that you could not deal with it for one more day, But you overcame it.

Although it feels like a constant battle, one day, this will be over.

Here’s more good news.We were made for this.

We are outfitted for challenge. We are designed to adapt.

Even though you are suffering now, in ways that are unexpected and foreign. This too shall pass.

Later we will regale each other with memories of how we got through it. How we overcame.

And we will use what we’ve learned to equip ourselves. For the next big challenge

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