Man, we have been THROUGH IT, haven’t we?

I don’t know about you, but here at Anxiety Resource Center, we’ve stopped asking, “What else can happen?

We’ll just keep our heads down and power through.

How do you do that though? Power through?

When everything you read or hear makes it appear as though the entire planet is on fire, what do you do?

(Other than crawl under the covers, that is)

Same, Rose. Same.

First, we must remember that our brain’s sole purpose is to keep us alive, and that means that they are not programmed to be “glass half full.”

It will always go to the worst case scenario when it comes to a perceived threat.

We’ve been dealing with perceived threats for nearly a year. Our brain’s signal is getting burnt out.

We have to change that wiring.

It’s not hard, but it requires persistence and a lot of talking to yourself.

Sometimes out loud.

We can ALL use some positive affirmations!

It can be as easy as listing all of the people in your life who are safe and healthy. Starting with yourself.

You can take a little longer drinking your coffee, taking in the warmth, the smell, and the taste.

You can stretch or dance or sing in the shower.

You can send a text to someone and let them know that you are thinking of them.

Limit your internet/news time or get rid of it altogether for a time. Assign specific times during the day when you can go onto your social media.

When you do get online, follow Mr. Rogers’ timeless advice and look for the helpers.

The timeless wisdom of Mr. Rogers

Don’t feed your anxiety by “doom scrolling.”

Remember with everything that you read that you are being overwhelmed with information but very few facts.

You have to be as discerning with what you ingest mentally as you do physically.

Life is hard, finding moments of happiness doesn’t have to be.

It doesn’t matter the wattage, just turn on one light…

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