We are so invested in the idea of being productive that even when we talk about mindfulness, we associate it with some sort of active process. We think of meditation and yoga both very useful practices, but sometimes when we focus on the technique, we miss the goal, and that can lead to frustration and increased anxiety.

Mindfulness is simply the act of being present in the moment while paying attention to your senses, and the world around you at that time. It’s that simple.

When you set your intention to “I’M BEING MINDFUL!” you can miss the joy of just being where you are. Kids have mastered the art of mindfulness. They spend most of their early days living in the moment. All of the things that we find mundane as adults with agendas and to-do lists are the same things that children adore.

Laura, Katy, and I talk a lot about the conflicting feelings we experience when it comes to being mindful. We can feel like we’re wasting time and energy if we’re only doing one thing at a time (WHAT!?!) when in fact, we are doing the opposite.

Being in the moment where we are, taking it all in, is how we can renew our spirit.

We’re a few months removed from the excitement of baking banana bread, whipping coffee, and looking forward to all of the books we were going to read while in quarantine, but the memes and the GIFS and the inspirational posts from way back in March are still true. This time is a gift. It may be a gift that you wish you had the receipt for, but it’s a gift all the same. It’s forced us to slow down and look at what really matters to us. It’s time to not only see what makes YOU tick, but also what you want to shift in your life going forward.

So whenever you do feel stuck, and happiness is a little hard to find, just think like a kindergartner.

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