I’m all about breathing.

But technically, are we all ‘about breathing’?

I guess that what I mean to say is that I have become obsessed with using my breath mindfully.

During my tenure here at Anxiety Resource Center, I have really benefitted from learning about the importance of long, deep slow breathing when I feel anxious.

I find myself focusing on my breathing during times of stress, or even times when I am feeling a little ‘meh.’ – which has been more than a few times this year.

You can learn how to focus on your breath in countless ways, and you can feel its effects in mere minutes, which is what drew me in.

Quick, easy, and requiring ZERO additional equipment. You can’t beat that!

You can take deep breaths at your desk, you can do a quick meditation through an app or YouTube.

You can even blow bubbles!

The important part is that you focus on deep, belly breathing. If you are unsure, we have different breathing techniques highlighted in our blog post titled, “The Vital Breath“.

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