Assess Your A³ Learning Lab

Your anxiety symptoms are telling you something important. Are you listening? ARC’s experts will show you how in the Assess Your A3 Lab, where you learn how to objectively measure how anxious you really are. It’s the first step in ARC’s 3-step KNOW YOUR ARC®formula. It only takes an hour, and you’ll come away knowing how to pay attention to your anxiety symptoms in a way that puts you in the position to actually do something about them.

Okay, we hear you groaning and see your eyes rolling. To be honest, we don’t blame you. Collecting data about yourself can seem like a chore, and it is often inconvenient. Who wants to do all that monitoring of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that those therapists recommend, anyway? But you have to know what’s going on before you can fix it, right? This is especially true with stress and anxiety.  Come learn how to be a keen observer of your anxiety, instead of its victim. It’s easier than you think.