It All Matters

Last week I read that 30 – 37% of the US population experienced COVID-based anxiety throughout 2020. Although that number did fluctuate, it never got below 30% during the entire year.  [...]

The Dynamic Duo

There are some great partnerships throughout history. The Wright brothers, Sonny and Cher, Ben and Jerry, Lucy and Ethel, Holmes and Watson… I’d like to submit for consideration, Fielder [...]

Rest is Essential

You don’t DESERVE to rest. You NEED to rest. The events of this past year have caused us to look at every aspect of our day-to-day life through a different lens. The way that we view rest has got [...]

Thursday Thoughts

Last year, I wrote a piece on the concept of acceptance. It was inspired by a conversation that I had with Dr. Fielder and Dr. Huser regarding the anxiety that so many of us have in the current [...]

Finding Your Light

Man, we have been THROUGH IT, haven’t we? I don’t know about you, but here at Anxiety Resource Center, we’ve stopped asking, “What else can happen?” We’ll just keep our heads down and power [...]


I’m all about breathing. But technically, are we all ‘about breathing’? I guess that what I mean to say is that I have become obsessed with using my breath mindfully. During my [...]